We are the Bread Houses Network, and we invite you to join our global family of “Crumbassadors” – ambassadors of peace, crumb by crumb! In a nutshell, we try to be changemakers by acting as ChangeBakers, offering a simple solution to complex issues: making, baking and breaking bread to build peace and empathy locally, connecting globally, through:
Bread Houses social events centers, Bread Houses bakeries, or Bread Houses programs,
whatever you choose to start!

Our network of Bakers Without Borders is now connecting:

in more than 20 countries on 6 continents, and we thank you that you are about to become one of us!

Our mission is to help you drive positive social change through unique bread-making services and HIGH-TOUCH Bread Therapy that mix bread making with different art forms and nurture creativity and inclusion in communities around the world, across ages, special needs, as well as socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

We have developed a unique story-telling method – the Theater of Crumbs – which has been proven as a new form of art therapy – Bread Therapy. Our methods are incredibly universal in application and have united and transformed people as diverse as:

War veterans and refugees, women victims of domestic violence and bullying pupils, at-risk youth and former prisoners, feuding religious and ethnic groups, orphans and abandoned elderly, people with disabilities and managers, homeless and politicians (even Presidents), hospital patients and artists, professors and homeless, low-income deaf children with children of diplomats exchanging languages, sight-impaired and sighted people kneading in full darkness…

Now imagine all of these people not in separate events, but mixed, kneading together.

Yes, it might sound bold or even crazy, but we have seen it work and invite you to unite literally EVERYONE around one table!

You can become a Crumbassador and make an impact in two different ways, both of which are found on this website. The first one is free and can be found in the section Our Network. The second way is through a paid training in the Get Trained section, which will equip you with all the knowledge you might need to embark on this mission and earn you an official license to build your own Bread House.

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations UNAOC & BWM Group Intercultural Innovation Award 2016

World Women Economic Forum 2016 Iconic Innovative Trailblazers of the Decade Award

Initiative of the Year 2017 Award, 8th Mont-Blanc Global Meetings on SSE

European Innovation in Volunteering Award, 2019, VOLONTEUROPE

Global Agenda 21 for Culture Good Practice for Social Inclusion Through Cultural Engagement

The National Geographic ‘Traveler With A Mission’ Award, 2012 (BHN Founder)

The European Commission’s platform on Social Integration Good Practices Network

European Social Innovation Network Recognition as a Good Practice Model

WeStart European Project: BHN as a European Social Entrepreneurship Good Practice


Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova is a cultural anthropologist (Princeton University, USA), who has explored and baked bread in diverse cultures across 77 countries and was awarded by National Geographic “Traveler with a Mission of the Year-2012”. Nadezhda founded the global Bread Houses Network (breadhousesnetwork.org) with the mission to “knead” peace and friendship among isolated and feuding communities through the power of breaking bread together. Nadezhda is also illustrator and author of the children book series “The Adventures of HedgeHope, the Hedgehog Without Borders”, and of the educational game “Bakers Without Borders” (thegame.bakerswithoutborders.net), winner of the “Intercultural Innovations Award-2016” by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. Nadezhda, whose name means “hope”, is mother of two daughters, called Love (Lyubov) and Wisdom (Sophia), and believes that children – and bread-making – can teach us best how to love with no limits.