Organizations for hearing-impaired people


The language of bread and its metaphors are very similar to the sign language, which illustrates words in gestures, while by kneading bread illustrates the elements and the stages of kneading in symbols, human stories, and emotions.”

The Bread in Silence program represents a unique opportunity of gathering people with hearing impairments, sign language interpreters and hearing people, where they work together in a team and knead bread in silence and draw words in flour and gestures.

How can our methodology benefit your work:

  • Providing an opportunity for people with hearing impairments to have good quality time and share their feelings
  • A therapeutical approach to psychological issues
  • Making, baking and breaking bread together as an universal symbol of building a better society together based on understanding, solidarity, dignity and respect for the others
  • Diversification of social events in which people with hearing impairment can participate
  • Sharing sensitive personal stories – kneading bread with the feeling, aroma and symbolism of home and family that it creates touches people deeply and helps them easily open to others and offer mutual support
  • An alternative method of work which doesn’t need words for sharing and caring

What problems we solve:

  • Lack of diverse social events for people with hearing impairment
  • Social exclusion
  • Psychological traumas related to exclusion
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation