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Community Baking Stories from Around the Globe

Bread Therapy - Community Baking Stories from Around the Globe

The book Bread Therapy is both an intriguing read with stories and 100+ photographs from around the globe and an introductory toolkit with case studies on the Bread Therapy methods created by the Bread Houses Network. It is especially useful for those who are not sure yet if they are ready to take the full in-depth training and turn Bread Therapy into their profession. The book reveals with touching personal stories why bread has special therapy benefits: from being a powerful universal symbol and the easiest form of art and cooking, uniting all senses, to how it connects us to home, has low access and, ultimately, communicates beyond language. Bread Therapy is easy to replicate in any country and setting, and last but not least, it requires little resources.

Pages: 112
Language: English
Price: 19.80 EUR


“Bakers without Borders” is a non-competitive educational game for all ages and different cultural settings, uniting people from all walks of life due to the unique power of bread as a universal symbol of sharing. With three sub-games, it teaches social entrepreneurship skills and problem-solving, as well as knowledge and virtues for emotional intelligence and inter-cultural cooperation. The game is suitable both for families and institutions (schools, NGOs, companies). This innovative product has been developed by Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, the Founder of the Bread Houses Network, and was awarded the 2016 UN Intercultural Innovations Award.

Visit the game’s website: for more information and order your copy today. Percentage of all proceeds from the sales of the game are donated to the Bread Houses Network ( to support its social programs for free Bread Therapy sessions with people with disabilities and traumas.


The Adventures of HedgeHope, the Hedgehog Baker Without Borders

Separate from the game Bakers without Borders but related to it, we created a series of children’s books “The Adventures of HedgeHope, the hedgehog Baker without Borders”. These beautiful books are designed as unique art pieces, with hand-drawn illustrations and text by Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, cultural anthropologist (Princeton University), who got inspired for the books by her various anthropological travels and research, for which she was awarded “Traveler with a Mission of the Year 2012” by the global National Geographic.

The books have a unique cultural anthropology approach for children, and are specially designed to develop empathy and respect and love for other cultures. As you follow HedgeHope’s travels across the globe, children and adults get inspired to “hop with hope over any hedge” of difficulty in life. You will learn many intriguing traditions, from music and dance to various crafts and foods, and you grow wiser and open-minded.

  • Each book includes a recipe for a local bread or pastry, usually personally collected by Nadezhda during her own travels in these countries, and the whole family could then prepare it together at home, or children together with their teachers at a kindergarten or school
  • Each book also has as an over-arching theme inspiring particular moral virtue, as it describes the life story of a local saint, a holy person, who lived these virtues in real life (presented in a format suitable for children of any cultural or religious background)
  • These children’s books are a perfect complementary educational tool to the stories part of Game 3 in the game Bakers Without Borders. They all present different information about the diverse countries: in the game the children learn more about global social and economic issues, while in the illustrated books they learn more cultural and geographic information.
  • Expect new books to keep coming out over the years, the same way Nadezhda will keep sharing online more stories for Game 3 of the game Bakers Without Borders.