Bakeries, hobby bakers, and social enterprises


Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Celebrations

Why would you be interested in the training module:

  • If you are a company providing alternative experience activities
  • If you are an enterpreneur who wants to engage people in creative and unique experiences
  • If you are a baker who knows the power of bread

How can our methodology benefit your work:

  • An alternative creative and unique event full of positive experience and easily predisposing people to share and connect to one another
  • Sensitizing and developing the emotional connection between people
  • Strengthening trust and improving communication
  • Identifying problem areas and suggesting ways to overcome them
  • Putting values into practice: Humanity, Love, Friendship and Respect
  • Unleashing personal problem-solving potential
  • Creating conditions for positive relationship change
  • Development of soft skills

What problems we solve:

  • Relationship not developed to its full potential
  • Trust issues
  • Not respecting values such as Humanity, Partnership, Commitment and Love
  • Blocked conditions for positive change
  • Hidden emotions and conflicts