NGOs, entrepreneurs wanting to start business or NGO


I am so impressed by all the positive change in this world through the Bread Houses Network started by one single woman. You have been instrumental in helping me shape a vision which had been incubating inside of me for years but I never was able to formulate until I came across BHN and one of your TEDTalks at a very low point in my life after a divorce 4 years ago. I truly feel called to spread the “gospel of bread” and bring people together and share a piece of their lives with each other in a kind and accepting way. Sibyl León, “BREAD Encounters”, USA

How can our methodology benefit your work:

  • Provision of specific practical skills on how to create and develop step by step a sustainable social business model
  • Knowledge about “social franchise” model consisting of social enterprises – bakeries for sour-dough bread which employs people from vulnerable groups.
  • Know-how about social and cultural community centers, offering free Bread therapy for people with disabilities, traumas and other special needs.
  • A never seen before methodology which empowers participants by the very creation of bread
  • A therapeutical approach to complex psychological issues
  • Making, baking and breaking bread together as an universal symbol of making peace and going above the fear of the unknown
  • Our methodology is a good practice of activities decreasing the levels of stress and opening the mind for new opportunities
  • Empowerment of active citizens
  • Diversification of social events
  • Provision of a sheltered space for people at risk where they can engage in creative activities, spend some time outside their daily environment and improve their emotional wellbeing.
  • Sharing sensitive personal stories – kneading bread with the feeling, aroma and symbolism of home and family that it creates touches people deeply and helps them easily open to others;

Bread Therapy has inspired hundreds of people around the globe to start bringing positive social change and to make their dreams come true through the simple but powerful bread making. This is the case with our most recent trainees, now licensed Bread Therapist, Sibyl León from San Diego and founder of the NGO “BREAD Encounters” who was so inspired by our methods that she created her own NGO and is already using bread therapy in a quest for bringing a positive social change in her community.

Sibyl created BREAD Encounter with the mission to spread kindness and create human connection through bread. As an official licensee of the Bread Houses Network, Bread Encounters has been organizing community bakes with various church congregations to provide fresh loaves of “solidarity/angel bread” to a local food bank as well as a transitional housing center. Their partnership with East County Transitional Living Center (ECTLC), which houses over 400 former homeless people (more than 100 of them children) provided them with the opportunity for different bread therapy applications. They had also had opportunities to apply bread therapy in a few online “LOVE Bread” sessions which were very well received by the couples they worked with.