The Bread Nosе Program and method was created and tested in children’s hospitals, engaging hospital patients in kneading and baking, possibly together with their doctors and/or parents. The method can be employed by art therapist and humor therapy/clown practitioners. Part of the methodology builds on our methods Theater of Crumbs and Kitchen Music (especially successful if joined by a music therapist or a musician), and a second important part involves making bread balls which, when baked, become bread noses that the patients put on with the help of strings (even a simple thread), which unleashes laughter and various comic situations. The word “bread nose” already is a humorous play of words related to the red nose used by clowns. The bread (edible) noses enable the humor therapists to develop a whole new rich range of sketches, role games, and engagement techniques. The use of edible items, the touch of making bread, and the uniquely powerful aroma of hot bread add a whole new dimension to the way relationships evolve in a hospital and other pain-filled environments.

How can our methodology benefit your work:

  • Providing an opportunity for hospitalized children to have a little bit of fun time and share their feelings
  • A therapeutical approach to psychological issues
  • Making, baking and breaking bread together as an universal symbol of building a better society together based on understanding, solidarity, dignity and respect for the others
  • Diversification of social events in which hospitalized children can participate
  • Sharing sensitive personal stories – kneading bread with the feeling, aroma and symbolism of home and family that it creates touches people deeply and helps them easily open to others and offer mutual support

What problems we solve:

  • Lack of diverse social events in hospitals
  • Social exclusion
  • Psychological traumas related to hospital stays
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation