The group of Bread Therapists in the UK keeps growing: Meet Ken Amy and his “Shirley Home of Bread”

Ken Amy is a passionate ChangeBaker in spirit, wishing to bring crumbs of joy and change to his community by creating a cozy, welcoming place to make everyone feel at home! He is currently undergoing a serious training in social entrepreneurship, developing an elaborate business plan for his vision of the “Shirley Home of Bread”. This is how Ken describes himself:

 “I’m a novice bread maker and improbable social entrepreneur, who is seeking to establish a Bread House here in Southampton U.K. to be called ‘Shirley Home of Bread’. I have a passion and vision – in partnership with others, to bring to fruition a flourishing local community that embodies equality, diversity, and inclusion. I perceive that bread as a cultural artifact is capable of reshaping our imaginations, and can positively transform the boundaries of possibility and impossibility for the most disadvantaged and marginalized in our self-seeking society! I’m convinced that the simple – yet profound process of making, baking, and breaking bread together can realize greater empathy, integration, and collaboration between diverse ethnic groups and initiate innovative human connection.”

Ken joins the group of other two previously trained practitioners from the UK, Sue Beveridge based in Scotland, and Albert Smith, originally from South Africa. Albert got trained in our methods at the Sofia Bread House in 2015, and since then has been combining both stand-up comedy performances and Bread Therapy with various groups, especially children and people suffering depression, in the Birmingham area and beyond. Most recently, in 2021-22, Albert completed a six-month program implementing a community bakery in Bearwood with refugee women.