May 9th – the International Bread Therapy Day, Call for artistic expressions by May 15th,2024

On May 9th, 2009, the first Bread House was established in the small town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, at the 100-year-old family house of Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, the Founder of the Bread Houses Network. Since then, all Bread Houses and Bread Therapy Programs around the world celebrate their holiday on this date, and this date also marks a very important memorable day of peace – Europe’s Day – which celebrates the end of the Second World War. In the spirit of our motto “Make bread, not war”, May 9th is thus a perfect match between the vision of the Bread Houses Network Day and Europe’s Day. In Bulgaria and in Italy, May 9th is also a big feast day of Saint Nicholas, as this is the day that the saint arrived in Bari, Italy, from Asia Minor. As such, Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of the Bread Houses, and the saint’s charitable life (having given the origin of the story of Santa Claus – short for Santa Nicolaus) also embodies the core virtues that the Bread Houses strive to ignite among people of all walks of life, united in our community breadmaking. As we celebrate this May 9th, we invite all Bread Houses Network Crumbassadors around the world, whether trained Bread Therapists or volunteers and supporters, to organize community breadmaking events or simply bake at home and share with someone, and to send us a piece of art (photo, painting, poem, song, etc.), representing the core mission of the Bread Houses Network to “Make bread, not war”. Please, send all items at email by May 15th, and the winner will be awarded the book “Bread Therapy: Community Baking Stories from Around the World” or, if you already have the book, a special “prosphora” bread stamp used in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. Thank you for being part of our global family, spreading crumbs of peace!