Franziska brings Bread Therapy to New Zealand

“Kia ora” (“hello” in the Maori language of New Zealand), fellow Crumbassadors! An inspiring woman – baker, teacher, and community organizer – travelled from New Zealand to Bulgaria to get hands-on training in Bread Therapy and bring it back to various communities on her beautiful island. Franziska von Hunerbein, originally from Germany but living with her family in New Zealand, has developed over the years a network of people engaged in organic agriculture and farmers markets. She has also been making and selling about 250 sourdough loaves a week and brewing kombucha. After undergoing the Bread Therapy training, Franziska decided to reduce her baking days to make more space to run workshops to teach the art of sourdough bread making and have more time for community baking, from various groups and ages, around New Zealand… and perhaps beyond! We all wish her much joy in these endeavors!