Adam Majewski, the Crumbassador from Minneapolis, baking bread in support of the community

Adam Majewski, the Crumbassador from Minneapolis, MN USA has currently been running an Emergency Food Relief Program which has been periodically delivering meals to the community members and protesters affected by the current political climate in America, and specifically Minneapolis in response to Police Brutality in the Twin Cities. The initiative is providing protesters and citizens cut off from normal food resource such as home cooked meals and other food necessities as a result of protests and political unrest in the Twin Cities. You can find more about the great action for justice and peace HERE!

Together with other activists they have also opened The Blue Ox Bakery a Community Supported Bakery in Minneapolis in order to fund some of the efforts to get meals out to the community and help support the community. The Blue Ox Bakery Aspires to end hunger and poverty by closing the social inequality gaps in today’s society, by using food to help change the way people think about history and the future ahead, and to make real time change through supporting organizing in the community to ensure all people in the community have equal rights, equal justice, and are treated the same as everyone else without having to fear for their life. 

We hope you have got inspired to contribute to the positive social change in your community through bread making and you are now ready to become the next Crumbassador in your region!