Sibyl León shares how breadmaking has been changing her life and the life of others

One of our most recent trainees, now licensed Bread Therapist, Sibyl León from San Diego and founder of the NGO “BREAD Encounters” shares how breadmaking has been changing her life and the life of others:

“Things have been progressing nicely with BREAD Encounters. We did 2 community bakes (using the Angel Bread method) with members of 2 separate congregations of the Relief Society (oldest women’s organization in the world) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. You can read about it in our blog post Bread for Hope and also view BREAD Encounter Happenings
I have assembled a small but wonderful dynamic team and we are currently in the process of working on a partnership with East County Transitional Living Center, a San Diego nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide transitional housing and restore lives to families who were once living on the streets. Currently they are housing 400 residents.
BREAD Encounters’ unique bread activities, which foster inclusion and creativity, as well as bread baking training for current residents, are program options we are currently discussing with ECTLC’s wonderful Director of Family Services.  We are particularly interested in working with the children at ECTLC and look forward to partnering with ECTLC as a pilot project for introducing the Bread House Network programs to the center. We are very excited about the partnership with ECTLC!  It gives us the opportunity to try different approaches with different audiences.  They also house abused women and when we initially met with the program development coordinator, I was able to give her a printed copy of Bread Houses Network’s study with abused women.  But initially we will start with a small group of children.
I was just contemplating today, how much that TEDTalk of yours has changed my life.  Who could have imagined 3 years ago that there even would be a BREAD Encounters?  Certainly not me! I will forever be grateful to you for the impact your vision had on my life and excited that now in turn I can be an instrument through BREAD Encounters to make an impact on other people’s lives!  It’s a satisfying and thrilling prospect!  We are spreading benignity (kindness) through bread!  Benignity is my new favorite word and I think I will have to make another bracelet to say BREAD BENIGNITY! 

In October I will be giving a presentation to a local Rotary Club which has quite a few influential members.  As part of the presentation I will be playing the 6 minute video “What is the BREAD Houses Network?” to introduce the audience to the inspiration behind BREAD Encounters.  

In November we already have another request for “Angel Bread”.  It’s going to be an eventful and interesting remaining part of this crazy year 2020!
I will keep you posted on these exciting developments!”

Sibyl E. León
BREAD Encounters