Metaphors of bread kneading phases with worldly plans

Opening the pack of flour  is an expression of people’s need to live in a society and to communicate with their surrounding human beings.

Sifting up the flour  – making a choice. During his/her lifetime every human becomes a part of different situations and has to make a choice. This is a period in which a person has different ideas and “sifts up” the right ones for him/her, choosing a direction in his/her life.

Adding yeast and water – this is the phase in which people are adding knowledge that is later going to be useful for realizing ideas. Salt and sugar are the good and bad moments in a lifetime. They give life a taste. Water is the support by surrounding people – friends and relatives. In life we should look for balance, as it is with the connection of products. Everything outside the norm harms the balance and doesn’t lead to the wanted results, the same way as “ bread can become too hard and oversalted”.

Rising up of the bread – ideas are maturing and connecting to each other, escaping hasty decisions, professional choices are being made.

Baking the bread – period of professional approval, building a home and family.

Breaking and sharing the bread  – period of mature age, transmitting skills and knowledge to younger people, sharing life experience, satisfaction with the fulfilled by this moment.

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