Metaphors of bread kneading phases with the phases of solving a crisis situation

Opening the flour pack – during this phase new ideas and suggestions are being born, a new active thinking over the situation is started. The victims decide to look for aid and to get in touch with the needed institutions and organizations. They receive protection.

Sifting out the flour – during this phase many questions are raised and many new ideas are born – “how to move on?”. They are gradually being sifted out and we look for the most realistic and achievable ones.

Adding yeast  – adding yeast/ sour dough (as well as salt and sugar) is the aid by specialists in the given institution. They add the needed dose of information, emotional and physical support and together with the users they analyze and at the same time encourage them to develop a new combinations of ideas and opportunities. Pessimism  and optimism are mixed in one – realism.

Adding water – adding water aids the mixture of ingredients, developing the inner relations and the successful solving of the problem. There are newly established contacts and friendships, the opportunity to share with your own kind of people, and the achievement of emotional balance. The security, communality, support and competency of the specialists gathered together lead to achieving unity and entity of ideas, adjustments and activities.

Rising of the bread – the formed ideas or activity plan are calmly considered. This is how we escape hurried decisions and activities. That is how ideas are maturing and connect even better.

Baking the bread  – time for active steps to be taken, where different ways and forms of getting back to the reality and life (looking for schools for children, of new job, new apartment, etc.) are searched for.  This is a period when ideas transform into reality (from a person in a crisis situation, you become an individual and independent person, making decisions on your own).

Walking around the field – time for common waiting for the future (moving to a new placement, moving in to a new apartment, etc.), test for patience and pre-tasting the culmination of the event  – living your own life without fear .

Breaking and sharing of the bread  – start living a new, individual life in the present. The heart is open both for yourself and for the rest. Separation and prejudice are broken up, common language is found with the rest of the community for sharing personal issues. The scent of “resolved problem” is rising up and reminds us to rise over the everyday material cares and discover the most precious thing in shared humanity – to live and feel the fullness of life.

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