Metaphors of bread kneading phases with phases of “kneading” friendship

Opening the pack of flour is an expression of the human need to communicate closer with part of the surrounding people – realized need of friendship.

Sifting up the flour – making a choice. During his/her whole life a person meets many different people but he/she feels some of them closer, has common interests and ideas with them. This is a period when a person “sifts” people into friends and people who she/he knows.

Adding yeast and water –  this is a phase in which people have common experiences. This is a phase of challenge, whether they can share the salt and sugar of life together. Water is the connecting element – given situations, in which they support each other and this bond friendship stronger.

Raising of the bread – friendship is approved through time and the longer it lasts the stronger it gets.

Baking and sharing the bread – period of approved and shared friendship, with gained experience and common satisfaction from the moments that were experienced together.

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