4. Kneading with metaphors

2During the dough kneading, we use the bread ingredients and the phases and steps of kneading as metaphors for human relations and social transformations: in short, we determine what the needed ingredients are and what steps need to be taken so that every single person and the whole community can become better overall.

Number of participants: up to 20 people

Materials:  flour, yeast, salt, a hint of sugar, water, oven for baking the bread, big table and other available materials

Length:  from 60 to 180 minutes

Aim:  Developing conditions for self-realization and understanding, sharing, fun, looking for problems’ resolution.

Working method:

The method is applicable to all groups and ages. Working can be conducted either individually, collectively or in couples. Two participants can be kneading and shaping figures together as they hug with one hand and work with the other. Along the working process, the phases in kneading are connected to reality, the sphere of human relations and change thorough metaphors. A common topic can be given that relates to the situation, problems and participants’ development. Metaphors are changed and supplemented all the time, as all participants are encouraged to think of their own metaphors so that it can be connected to their real life. They are shared and discussed with everyone. Working with the method includes developing personal ideas, connecting the inner condition of someone with reality and activating personal resources to overcome obstacles. Here we add examples used while working with the method.

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