The importance of drawing

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As we discovered in the four options, the method drawings can be either collective, individual or made in couples. Drawing is a key to human personality; it is a proactive and interactive method of understanding that can’t be expressed in another way. The drawing, the way it has been made, the size, shape, and topic can all give unique information about the emotional condition of the participant. Drawing is also used as an evaluation of intellectual functioning – the first intelligence test was based on a drawing of a human body (Goodenough, 1926), taking into account the characteristics of the drawing according to the age group. In order to develop the cognitive processes, the flour can be used to introduce the rules of the task, or they can make drawings for finding the differences between them and other similar ones. That is how objects and concepts from everyday life can be expressed in a visible manner and a more long-lasting and realistic image for them. Another role of drawing is to encourage participant’s personal involvement, to comfort them in speaking about their own art and through the story to address real life problems. Drawing is very successfully used in groups of people with mental disabilities, children with autism, children and youths from risk social groups and people, victims of violence, etc.

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