Option 1

Way of introducing yourself: Every participant draws his/her own portrait. It can be either a real portrait or a symbol or object that represents the given personality. The facilitator gives a sign, and there can also be a musical background. Every participant moves one position forward so that he/she is standing in front of the portrait of another participant from the group. He/she should add something to the drawing. There can be additional conditions given, for example: to be with one line, to be drawn with closed eyes, to be the one thing that you want to know more about for the person to whose drawing you are adding to and others. At the end everyone stands again in front of his/her own portrait and may be surprised of how much it has been changed.

At the end of the game, there is an opportunity for a short discussion and comments on how everyone feels like with the new face. Single elements can be discussed which made the strongest emotional expression.

This option is appropriate for observing how individuals influence each other, and it used imagination, creativity, and spontaneity as instruments. Different reactions can be observed when people meet with their new “personality”.

The facilitator (in cases when it is a group art- or psychotherapy) can analyze the group dynamics and the individual participants if this is connected to conducting therapeutic workshops. In other cases, the opportunity as an open process is given.

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