3. Drawing in flour

ipp ipp

Number of participants: unlimited

Needed materials: flour (even unfit for kneading), sieve, wooden spits, wide surface (a table, connected school tables, covered with oilcloth or nylon), anything else – decided by the facilitator

Length: 30-45 minutes

Aim: good fun, a way to introduce each other, drawing a comic, drawing the storyline for “Crumble theatre”, looking for a common idea over a topic, anything else decided by the facilitator


With the aid of a sieve every participant places a thin layer of flour in front of herself/himself. After that he/she hands the sieve to another participant—it is not obligatory to follow only one direction and side of the circle. It is important to cover the whole surface of the table. After the topic has been announced, or it is a free one, every participant starts to draw. He/she can draw in front of himself/herself or they can get into the space very near to their participants’ drawings.

Then, 4 options can be applied.

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