2. Wheat field

Number of participants: up to 20 people (mixed group)

Materials: wheat, big flat table, a camera, recording gadget

Length: 30-45 minutes (it depends on the number of participants and the speed* of sharing)

Aim: ice-breaking, meeting each other, sharing

*it is important that the needed space for sharing to be given, without pressure from the facilitator, so it is good to have an open dialogue


“Wheat field” is a game for the participants to meet and get to know each other. Everyone present can take part in the game. Each participant should express her/his social circle through wheat, as he/she places the ‘I’ wheat in the centre and starts to grow the rest of the wheat with people who are significant for her/him. They are placed on a different distance the centre (‘I’ wheat) depending on their importance in her/his life.

The interesting part of this method is that participants give information not only for themselves, as personalities, but also about their families, relatives, interests, hobbies, dreams, etc. It uses the method of social measurement* and in particular the building of social atom*. The aim is on the “field” everyone to “crop” everything that is significant for her/him. That is how we have a picture of the past, present and future. Through sharing during the “cropping” process the participants learn more about each other, discover common interests, dreams, problems, life situations, etc. . “The field” also plays the role of an information picture of the small formed community (a group of participants), through which we can make socio-metric measurements.

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