Massage for shoulders and arms

  • Massage for shoulders and arms

This game includes a light massage of the shoulders and hands.

Number of participants: 8-15+

Length: 5-10 min

Methods of work:

Option 1

The group surrounds the table, standing. Everyone turns in the same direction.  Every person stretches a little and starts lightly massaging the person in front of them. The session facilitator can introduce the conditions: ‘Lets imagine that the back of the person in front of you is the table on which we are going to mix and knead the dough ingredients. Sifting out the flour, putting the yeast, salt, sugar, water, we mix them and start kneading. At first the dough is very soft (we knead on the back – the massage is lighter) after that the dough becomes solid (we knead with more energy)’. After ‘the kneading of dough’ on the back is done, the facilitator gives a sign and the participants turn the other way and ‘knead another dough’.

This game introduces action and informs the participants about the phases in kneading dough, and it also includes physical contact, which is connected to relaxing the body (massage). The game gives good moods and prepares the participants emotionally and physically for the following phases in the session.

Option 2 – palm massage

The participants surround the table, standing and holding hands. This option includes a well-known game, called “Impulse”. The facilitator measures the speed (with a chronometer) of the impulse, which is released in the circle. The impulse is released and transmitted through hands squeezing in one direction. The game is timed. After the first impulse is released the participants start massaging their palms without destroying the circle. The whole time everyone is holding hands. After a few minutes massaging, another impulse is released. It is observed whether the impulse is faster after the massage. This is repeated up to 3 times.

Option 3 – “Meeting”

(Game for meeting, ice-breaking and energizing)

The group starts moving freely around the space, with people are looking into each other’s eyes. There can be a musical background. The facilitator gives a sign with the word “Meeting”. At this very moment every participant should greet another participant. They say “Hello” to each other, ask other questions, and share how they feel at the moment. After that the participants should take a good look at each others’ hand and, split in groups of two, share what they like to do the most with them (examples from our experience are: to knead, to sew, to play a musical instrument, to cuddle their children, etc.).

The exploration and touching of hands can be combined with light massage. Given a new sign by the facilitator ‘I am going to a new meeting’ the groups separate and the participants start moving around the space again. This is repeated up to 3 times.

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