• Kneading (??)

Number of participants: 8-15 +

Materials: Scotch tape, scarfs

Length: 5 min


The group moves freely around the space. The facilitator gives a sign “Lets sift out the flour”. Part of the participants, doing interesting and expressive movements, need to get into a marked circle (lined on the floor with a tape or something else). Movements should symbolize sifting flour out. When the facilitator gives a sign “Lets put the yeast” a few participants get into the lined circle and with movements illustrate the adding of yeast. It is the same strategy with all the other ingredients – salt, sugar and water. When all the ingredients are into the circle the facilitator gives a sign “Knead”. Participants start turning around and “stick” to each other, until everyone stays next to the rest. This way they all move together for a few seconds.

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