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Bread house network is a part of The International Council for Cultural Centers. The International Council for Cultural Centers is the global network of national networks/associations of community cultural centers (3c-s), currently connecting more than 50 countries on 6 continents. I3C hopes to link these houses in a family of shared ideals and practices, weaving a larger, living and flexible global net embodying the analogy of the African shekere instrument net and way of producing sound: a net not only virtual but also very real and physically present through the actual house buildings enlivening communities on all continents. For further information about international council for culture centers, please go to

The Bread Houses are physical locations we have established as well as educational and community-building programs run by people whom we have trained to host in various other locations (community centers, schools, churches, etc. and in different countries that we coordinate) with series of events and festivals.  The Bread Houses physical locations that our organization has established are two kinds:

-           community cultural centers (in Bulgaria and a few other countries) and

-         social enterprises-bakeries that train and employ disadvantaged people while also serving as a social-cultural center (the first such bakery Bread House and serving as a model for our “social franchise” is located in Gabrovo, Bulgaria).

For further information of bread house, please get to


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